Fluid Additives

With the right drilling chemicals, you can reduce your costs while increasing the efficiency of your operations. PDT is an Iranian pioneer in leading manufacturer of drilling chemicals for minimizing problems in drilling operation, extending equipment life and diminishing drilling risks. Our stock with a wide range of products is ready to serve customers everywhere in the district.

PDT has a wide-ranging experience in a complete range of drilling fluids additives such as Emulsifiers, De-emulsifiers, H2S scavengers, Defoamers, Polymers, Scale/Corrosion inhibitors, Oxygen scavengers, Biocides and Drag reducers for specific field and crude requirements. PDT also has tie-ups with many of the leading manufacturers of chemical for the oil & gas sector. PDT customises and supplies specialised oilfield chemicals for various operations, like drilling, completion services, maintenance and crude oil treatment.

Fluid Processing Equipment

Solids Control and Waste Management is the process of managing, treating and disposing of waste generate during the drilling a well in particular cuttings and drilling fluid (mud). Depending on the mud system used waste generated can be highly toxic. Appropriate Solids Control and Waste Management practices can significantly lower the amount of waste and its toxicity as well as the negative effects waste can have on the well and down-hole equipment.

In general, the waste management strategy is stage ladder process, whereby reducing the waste at its source is the first option, followed by recycling, and finally treatment and disposal. The subcategory consists of two major areas: 1) Solids collection and control and 2) Waste Treatment and Disposal.