With the right drilling chemicals, you can reduce your costs while increasing the efficiency of your operations. PDT is an Iranian pioneer in leading manufacturer of drilling chemicals for minimizing problems in drilling operation, extending equipment life and diminishing drilling risks. Our stock with a wide range of products is ready to serve customers everywhere in the district.

PDT has a wide-ranging experience in a complete range of drilling fluids additives such as Emulsifiers, De-emulsifiers, H2S scavengers, Defoamers, Polymers, Scale/Corrosion inhibitors, Oxygen scavengers, Biocides and Drag reducers for specific field and crude requirements. PDT also has tie-ups with many of the leading manufacturers of chemical for the oil & gas sector. PDT customises and supplies specialised oilfield chemicals for various operations, like drilling, completion services, maintenance and crude oil treatment.

Water Base Mud (WBM)

From Spud Muds to Reservoir Drill-In Fluids and Everything in Between

Water-based muds offer a wide variety of options, from low-cost and basic to highly inhibitive, performance-driven systems. PDT Drilling Fluids offers the flexibility to design the most cost-effective system for the formation. PDT Drilling Fluids offers a full suite of performance additives, including lubricants and shale inhibitors, to address technical challenges.

Through our extensive experience and technical expertise, PDT Drilling Fluids designs fluids based upon needs. Whether it is reactive gumbo shales on the Persian Gulf or an extended reach lateral in the Deep Basin, PDT Drilling Fluids has the capabilities to determine the best formulation for the application.

Oil Base Mud (OBM)

Oil-Based Muds Maximize Performance

Oil-based muds provide numerous benefits to enhance drilling efficiency with minimal maintenance. They are inherently lubricious and inhibitive, maximizing drilling rates with superior tolerance to contaminants. Oil-based mud systems are adjusted for superior performance and cost efficiency through system options and additive selection.

Oil-based mud systems feature selects components for desired properties. A typical oil-based mud consists of the base oil, brine, lime, an emulsifier, a wetting agent, a viscosifier, and a filtration control additive. Supplemental additives may be used to address specific drilling challenges, and PDT Drilling Fluids offers a full suite of additive options to customize a system to the demands of the well.