Water Base Mud (WBM)

Water-based muds offer a wide variety of options, from low-cost and basic to highly inhibitive, performance-driven systems. PDT Drilling Fluids offers the flexibility to design the most cost-effective system for the formation. PDT Drilling Fluids offers a full suite of performance additives, including lubricants and shale inhibitors, to address technical challenges.

Through our extensive experience and technical expertise, PDT Drilling Fluids designs fluids based upon needs. Whether it is reactive gumbo shales on the Persian Gulf or an extended reach lateral in the Deep Basins, PDT Drilling Fluids has the capabilities to determine the best formulation for the application.

Non-Aqueous Fluids
PDT’s range of non-aqueous fluids range from industry-standard diesel- or mineral oil-based fluids to highly specialized synthetic-based systems. In non-aqueous drilling fluids, the water phase is emulsified in a continuous oil phase in what is termed a water-in-oil emulsion, or invert emulsion. Invert emulsion drilling fluids are often easily adaptable to various pressures, temperatures, and wellbore conditions. These fluids are stable in the presence of high-electrolyte concentrations, soluble gases, and high temperatures.