PDT-COR-100, is a highly active, film forming, water-dispersible corrosion inhibitor for use in solids-free brines. PDT-COR-100 is an effective corrosion inhibitor in solids-free packer fluids and other oil and gas industry applications. PDT-COR-100 is effective at temperatures up to 400F (204C) in monovalent (sodium and potassium) brines and up to 300F (148C) in divalent (calcium and zinc) brines. Typical results show over ninety percent corrosion inhibition.


  • Effective at low concentrations
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Economical


PDT-FILM, barafilm, aminated fatty acid, can be used to protect drillpipe. PDT-FILM will physically and chemically adsorb on metal thereby wetting and protecting it from hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide, and oxygen corrosion. PDT-FILM has been used effectively to protect the metal surface of drillpipe in air, mist, and foam drilling operations.

  • Inhibit hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide, or oxygen corrosion attack of metal surfaces.
  • Protect drillpipe in the hole when used as a slug treatment
  • Inhibit formation of corrosion cells in air, foam or mist drilling, low-solids and weighted drilling fluids


  • Mixes quickly with oil and/or solvents
  • Acts as an effective corrosion inhibitor for all water-based drilling fluids
  • Effective in small concentrations
  • Solubilizes in oil allowing for efficient and even application of inhibitor
  • Maintains stability at temperatures above 300F (140C)


PDT-OX-SCAV-L is a concentrated solution of ammonium bisulfide. It is a liquid oxygen scavenger recommended for use in drilling fluids and other systems where oxygen is causing corrosion problems.

  • Minimize oxygen corrosion cell formation
  • Remove soluble oxygen from water-based drilling fluids


  • Can be added directly to the mud system
  • Extends thermal stability of organic polymers


PDT-NO-SULF-C, a blend of zinc compounds, is designed to efficiently remove hydrogen sulphide from drilling fluids. The reaction of zinc and sulphide forms an insoluble and unreactive precipitate of zinc sulphide. Pre-treatment with PDT-NO-SULF-C scavenger is recommended in geographic areas of known or suspected hydrogen sulphide. PDT-NO-SULF-C is compatible with all aqueous drilling fluids and will not adversely change the mud properties when used in the recommended concentrations. A pH above 11.0, maintained by adding lime, potassium hydroxide, or sodium hydroxide, is recommended to help neutralize the by-products of the sulphide reaction.

  • Remove hydrogen sulphide
  • Prevent sulphide stress corrosion cracking of the drillpipe
  • Protect rig personnel from sulphide gases


  • Will not adversely affect drilling fluid properties
  • Effective in water-based and oil-based drilling fluids
  • Reacts readily with hydrogen sulphide


PDT-NO-SULF-O, powdered zinc compound, can be used to treat out hydrogen sulphide in water-based and oil-based fluids. Sulphide is permanently removed from the system as a zinc precipitate. PDT-NO-SULF-O can be used to treat out hydrogen sulphide in water-based and oil-based
drilling fluids.

  • Does not affect mud properties
  • Readily reacts with hydrogen sulphide